Resale value: Rhino Linings will add up to $250 to the selling price (NADA Value) of your truck.  Plus the added appearance and protection factor will make your sale much easier.
Material: Rhino's newest Product HardLine is the exceptional for Truck Bed Liners as well as for commercial and industrial use. Rhino Linings Material is developed using proprietary mixes of Polyurea and Polyurethane.  It dries in only 5-10 seconds and can bond to itself so repairs, custom logos and other custom applications are possible. 


Texture: The Heated lines and High Pressure application system Rhino Linings system allows the installer to achieve an ultra fine texture (no ugly clumpy or cottage cheese finishes here) . 


Traction: Rhino Linings greatly improves traction so your loads wont slide around.  Rhino can be applied in virtually unlimited Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications where traction is needed.  It is currently used by the military, the US Coast Guard and several boat manufacturers.


Fading:  It's a fact, all liners will fade in the sun, but with the new "Rhino Shine" UV top coat, there simply is NO sun fade, chalking or discolorations.




Call 904-292-4332 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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